Editor’s Note : March Issue, 2019

Some of us search for meaningful work that can change the community around us. As people in tech we see that it is no longer a separate industry and involves solving real-life problems.There is a gap in the translation of ideas between people working for social justice and technologists, and vice versa. To fill this gap, there comes the need […]

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On the Internet,we start with fairness and equality but the internet equality that we see in the technology space today, all has the same drive MONEY, make money. People want to bring things from the physical space – privilege, bias, position to derive money and to recreate something that doesn’t belong in this new amazing […]


Water Data-The Future

Towards the end of last year, a country was seemingly approaching apocalypse in a way not many imagined. South Africa was facing a dire situation: their increased water consumption meant that they had only a year or two before the city of Cape Town ran out of water. People naturally panicked and started stockpiling water. […]

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